Welcome!   Xin chào!


The Group of Universities for the Advancement of Vietnamese  in America (hereinafter referred to as "GUAVA"), a consortium of institutions of higher learning in North America, was formed at the University of Washington on August 1, 1993. 

GUAVA members meet every two years to exchange ideas and carry out workshops on materials development, methodology, as well as other professional interests.  GUAVA invites applications for membership from all other North American universities with an active interest in the teaching of Vietnamese. It also intends to extend its cooperative activities where appropriate to other institutions of higher education outside North America.  GUAVA will act as a network and clearing house for the following activities:


  • The collection and archiving of Vietnamese language teaching materials. 

  • The establishment of minimum standards for various levels of Vietnamese language competency to facilitate inter university student exchange. 

  • The dissemination of effective methodologies and curricula specifically relevant to the teaching of Vietnamese

Informing job opportunities, networking, collaborative works and professional exchange with colleagues around the country.

GUAVA is a cooperative organization and its objectives do not imply the imposition of specific methodologies, curricula, or materials upon any member institution.  Rather, GUAVA  will make available a range of options  and opportunities from which every member may choose to benefit.